Q: Why do I need an identification system to reduce losses of machinery through theft?
Without identification police cannot recover assets. Unfortunately, with certain vehicles and assets like agricultural machinery and equipment, and caravans it is much more complex, as there are fewer points of identification. Criminals change the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) making it difficult to establish the original VIN and preventing easy identification of the stolen item. As a result, the police often have no choice but to return the machine to the person from whom it was seized!
Q: How long has VIN CHIP been involved in RFID technology?
VIN CHIP been involved in the fitting LONG RANGE RFID technology for over 25 years. VIN CHIP is the market leading LONG RANGE RFID system in the UK.
Q: Why is a long range capability important on an anti-theft identification system?
VIN CHIP is a LONG-RANGE identification system whereas others typically require a ‘SWIPE’ type method close-up to get an identification ‘read’ which severely limits effectiveness. This means VIN CHIP is easier and less time consuming for police to identify the equipment which means a greater chance of getting the equipment back, and less disruption to you or your business. This LONG RANGE scanning capability, makes VIN CHIP more effective than other systems.
Q: Does VIN CHIP assist the police with crime prevention and recoveries?
YES this is critical for the recovery of your machine or vehicle. VIN CHIP makes it easy and quick for the police to identify you or your business as the owner. This is because the VIN CHIP system is LONG RANGE and a suspect stolen machine or vehicle can be identified in seconds. This is important because if the police can’t use an identification system quickly and effectively, they won’t recover your equipment. VIN CHIP works closely with police forces nationwide and employs specialist vehicle examiners and liaison personnel specifically to assist with roadchecks, raids, and examinations. They also run targeted, IMI accredited training programs for the police on vehicles, agricultural, construction & plant machinery.
Q: Do all police forces have access to VIN CHIP scanners?
Yes. Every UK police force is equipped with our scanning technology.
Q: Can the police scan RFID’ed equipment moving at speed?
Yes. Our LONG RANGE scanners can easily scan suspect stolen machinery or vehicles travelling at speed. This capability is possible because VIN CHIP has a powerful LONG RANGE scanning capability that other systems don’t.
Q: Does your RFID’s require batteries?
No batteries are required in the VIN CHIP system. Some so called ‘active’ RFID’s do use batteries to achieve a long range. However, VIN CHIP is already capable of identification from LONG RANGE. This means VIN CHIP has the added advantage that it DOES NOT require batteries which would expire after 2-3 years.
Q: Do your RFID’s work on a metal surface?
Yes they do! VIN CHIP uses a special type of RFID which is specifically designed to be used on a metal surface. As well as specifically designed tags, VIN CHIP’s bespoke software enhances the LONG RANGE scanning ability.
Q: What are microdots, and are they in the VIN CHIP system?
The VIN CHIP system uses 4000 micro-dots to add heavily populated covert markings on each machine or vehicle. Each dot displays either the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or a unique alphanumeric code that is registered to each asset. This adds an extra layer of identification security marking. This means that if a criminal decides to steal a machine protected with VIN CHIP, they have to first contemplate how they are going to find and remove each and every dot which makes every machine identifiable.
Q: What can be seen on each microdot?
It will either be a 17-digit VIN, or a unique alpha/numeric code specifically assigned to the machine, depending on the type of machine or vehicle.
Q: If the police can find the microdot, surely so can the criminals?
This is true, but the criminal must find and remove 4000 microdots, the police only need to find one.
Q: Can VIN CHIP deterrent and identification labels be easily removed by criminals?
We use the very best tamper evident materials, designed to be extremely difficult, if not impossible to remove. In addition, they cannot be transferred onto another machine in order to legitimize it.
Q: What else can LONG RANGE VIN CHIP identification help with?
NEW! VIN CHIP can be extended to help businesses control their assets on site, by providing movement alerts and inventory control reports – we call this ‘Asset Management’.
Q: Can VIN CHIP be fitted on used machinery as well as new?
For the leisure vehicles VIN CHIP can be fitted on both new and used. At the moment, VIN CHIP can only be installed on new equipment or machinery in other sectors, however, watch this space for future announcements!
Q: How much does it cost to install VIN CHIP?
The VIN CHIP anti-theft identification system is incredibly low cost to install and is a one-off charge with no ongoing subscription or fees.
Q: Is there any maintenance required for the VIN CHIP theft detection system?
VIN CHIP is designed to be a 'fit and forget’ system with no ongoing maintenance needed , and no batteries required. All of our high-quality identification RFID’s are tested to withstand extreme conditions and are certified by an independent quality assessor.

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