CPA Conference 2023

VIN CHIP at the CPA Conference 2023

9th November 2023

VIN CHIP would like to thank the Construction Plant Association for organising such an informative and insightful conference last week.  It provided an excellent forum for connecting and meeting other industry professionals to discuss the broader challenges that lie ahead for the Construction Plant industry.

At VIN CHIP, we have taken the specific challenge of combatting theft and recovery issues head-on, driven by our commitment to deter criminal activity and reduce disruption resulting from theft - in the industries that need it most.    

We have designed a bespoke theft detection and forensic security system for business-critical machinery in the construction sector, to keep you, and your customers, on track and doing what you do best. 

We look forward to supporting the construction plant industry and achieving the success we have seen in the leisure vehicle industry, where manufacturers have been installing VIN CHIP as standard since 2016. 

VIN CHIP - The Best By a Distance!