VIN CHIP has designed a bespoke anti-theft and recovery solution for the Construction Machinery and Plant industry to help deter theft, protect its high value assets and identify true ownership.

Construction Machinery & Plant

According to Allianz, a leading UK construction insurer, the cost of theft in the construction industry is as high as £800m a year, when associated costs are considered, such as sourcing replacement machinery, project delays, and increased insurance premiums.

Construction sites continue to be targeted by criminals attracted to the lucrative resale value of plant machinery. The smaller valuable equipment, which is easier to move and not easily identifiable, also presents a real temptation for career criminals.

The consequences to the building contractor, who is already facing significant cost increases, are immense with project delays further impacting tight deadlines and profit margins.

VIN CHIP Kits for construction

VIN CHIP has a range of kits for construction & plant machinery including: excavators, telehandlers, loaders, dumpers, rollers and more.


VIN CHIP can be installed on nearly any construction & plant vehicle or machine. Below are some of our most popular applications.

Criminals target construction sites for many reasons:

Most passenger vehicles have many traceable components making them relatively easy to identify, however, with construction plant and equipment, it is far more complex.

High Value assets

Low risk of being caught

Global market due to World-Wide Web

Increased global demand for new and used construction machinery

Shortage of new equipment due to long lead times for delivery

Law enforcement generally have limited knowledge about the identification of construction equipment

Most machinery is left in the open and on unsecured sites

Equipment is easily moved in full view without attracting suspicion

What’s at stake? £000’s in lost business, major disruption, and project delays impacting completion dates

"Whilst some plant theft remains opportunistic, there are reports of more organised professional criminals making a good living out of stealing plant items."

Chris Little | Allianz's Director of Engineering, Construction & Power

“Sites provide a lucrative target for thieves and the impact of plant and tool theft on construction projects is vast, with a ripple effect. The repercussions of project delays and late completion results in disappointed clients, reduced profit margins and increased insurance premiums. Optimising security measures on sites is crucial”

Wates Group
Product Icon What is VINCHIP?

VIN CHIP is a multi-layered, technology-led security solution to deter criminals, protect your assets and support the Police to quickly identify the asset and the rightful ownership. The system was first introduced to combat leisure vehicle crime in 1998 and it has evolved to be the leading security and recovery system for the industry keeping theft at a minimum level. VIN CHIP is now expanding into new sectors where theft is still a major cause for concern.

Product Icon Why do I need it?

Vehicles and assets are stolen despite having security measures in place, latest trends suggest a sharp rise in incidents. 

  • Without identification police cannot recover assets
  • Unidentifiable assets cause huge problems and are often returned to the criminal from whom it was seized
  • Unrecovered assets could cost you £000’s in lost business and cause major disruption

How can VINCHIP help
to protect your equipment

“Without proper identification of the machine, the case remains unsolved and sadly, this usually results in stolen machinery being handed back to the person from whom it was seized”. “it is the ID process which is usually problematic for them. Heavy equipment isn’t like cars which are littered with traceable ID features, quite simply, if the chassis number and identifying features are removed, it is generally accepted that the machine will remain unidentifiable”

Nick Mayell | IMI Interpol trainer specializing in the identification stolen plant and agriculture machinery

The VINCHIP solution &
how it works

Our RFID Technology has been used by police for over 25 years because:

  • It uses proven technology with superior long-range RFID which can be read by Police scanners – with no risk of revealing the position of the chip. 
  • We provide overt and covert markings to deter theft and prevent re-identification or cloning for resale by organised criminals.
  • Your VIN or unique alphanumeric code will be registered on our Secure Asset Register enabling the Police to instantly identify the rightful owner.
  • VIN CHIP provides a 24/7 dedicated contact centre

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The most advanced radio frequency identification chips in the marketplace, capable of being read by our leading-edge scanners to speed up identification by the police. They remove the need to gain access to the asset to confirm its identity using RFID reading from a distance.

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Our own in-house Secure Asset Register provides a reliable, efficient and secure verification facility.

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24/7 access to our own in-house contact centre, which is IS0 9001 Quality Management certified.

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Allow an initial validation check to quickly confirm the asset identity, using a simple QR reader easily scanned on a mobile phone.

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Using the very latest in tamper evident material, maximising technology used in the aviation industry to add additional overt identification.

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We use 4000 micro-dots to add heavily populated covert markings. Each dot displays either the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or a unique alphanumeric code that is registered to each asset.