VIN CHIP Recovery Story

Five caravans were recovered with the aid of VIN CHIP technology.

VIN CHIP Working Together with the Police to Combat Crime

The Garda, Ireland’s National Police and Security service successfully identified and recovered 5 stolen caravans in a Police Operation in Co. Cork recently, four of which were stolen from the UK and one from Germany.  The UK caravans were identified using the VIN CHIP Anti-Theft Identification System and ownership details gained by accessing the Secure Asset Register CRiS  (Central Registration & Identification Scheme).   All of the caravan’s security markings had been tampered with and they had been reidentified with false identifications, but the VIN CHIP Scanners using the latest long range RFID technology, assisted The Garda to quickly determine the units original identity.  Checks with the CRiS database confirmed they were stolen.

The VIN CHIP team is delighted with this outcome. Vince Wise, their vehicle identification specialist who has over 30 years’ experience in vehicle crime prevention said “This recovery operation is a great result for The Garda but also for all involved, not only was the VIN CHIP anti-theft system and CRiS database instrumental in the identification process, but the Garda team leading the operation were also trained by us in the identification of stolen assets.  We regularly run IMI Accredited police training programmes in specialist identification of vehicles, plant and machinery and work closely with the police assisting them to detect and recover stolen assets ”.

VIN CHIP technology has been reducing theft for over 25 years and has become the leading security and recovery solution for the leisure vehicle industry.  These recovered caravans, with a combined value of £50,000,  highlight the importance of ensuring that you have the very best anti-theft technology installed to protect your assets and improve your chances of getting them back, should you become a victim of theft.  This does not just apply to caravans and motorhomes but to all high value assets. With market leading technology and with expert vehicle identification specialists on the team, VIN CHIP is now expanding into other sectors where theft continues to be a major cause for concern, such as agriculture, ATVs, UTVs, and construction plant.  Whilst considerable work has been undertaken in a quest to reduce crime in these sectors, the latest rural crime statistics released by the NFU Mutual suggest there is still a lot of work to be done.