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How VIN CHIP can help protect your business from rural theft?

Heavy equipment isn’t like cars which are littered with traceable ID features, quite simply, if the chassis number and identifying features are removed, it is generally accepted that the machine will remain unidentifiable

Our RFID Technology has been used by police for over 25 years because:

  • It uses proven technology with superior long-range RFID which can be read by Police scanners – with no risk of revealing the position of the chip.
  • We provide overt and covert markings to deter theft and prevent re-identification or cloning for resale by organised criminals.
  • Your VIN and unique alphanumeric code will be registered on our Secure Asset Register enabling the Police to instantly identify the rightful owner.
  • VIN CHIP provides a 24/7 dedicated contact centre

We have specifically designed a bespoke anti-theft and recovery solution for agricultural equipment and machinery to disrupt rural crime activity.

What’s at stake? £1000's in lost revenue, major disruption to productivity and your peace of mind.

"The theft of vehicles, plant and agricultural machinery can have an absolutely debilitating impact on local businesses and on people’s livelihoods."

“it is the ID process which is usually problematic for them. Heavy equipment isn’t like cars which are littered with traceable ID features, quite simply, if the chassis number and identifying features are removed, it is generally accepted that the machine will remain unidentifiable”.

Nick Mayell | IMI Interpol trainer

Why target Agricultural equipment?

Organised criminals are targeting farms not only for high value tractors but also ATV’s, GPS Systems and other equipment which are easily portable.

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High Value

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Low risk of being caught

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World-wide market due to central driving position

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Large scale global demand for agricultural machinery

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Law enforcement generally have limited knowledge about the ID of agriculture machinery

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Machinery is often left in the open or in poorly secured buildings

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Can be moved in full view without attracting suspicion

Most vehicles today have many traceable components making them relatively easy to identify. Unfortunately, with agricultural machinery and equipment, it is much more complex.

Criminals change the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) making it difficult to establish the original VIN and preventing easy identification of the stolen item. As a result, the police often have no choice but to return the machine to the person from whom it was seized. So, it’s easy to understand why many victims of crime believe their machine was never recovered


VIN CHIP can be installed on nearly any agricultural vehicle or machine. Below are some of our most popular applications.

VIN CHIP explained

VIN CHIP is a multi-layered, technology-led security solution to deter criminals, protect your assets and support the Police to quickly identify the asset and the rightful ownership.

The system was first introduced to combat leisure vehicle crime in 1998 and it has evolved to be the leading security and recovery system for the industry keeping theft at a minimum level. VIN CHIP is now expanding into new sectors where theft is still a major cause for concern.

Find out more or get a demo for Agricultural, Construction Plant, Quads, ATVs & Trailers:

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VIN CHIP is determined to reduce rural crime thefts. Our system has a proven track record in reducing crime rates and significantly increases the recovery rate of stolen assets.

The Latest Statistics from the Annual NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report

The annual rural crime report by the NFU Mutual is one of the main indicators of current trends in UK rural crime.

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VIN CHIP Components

The most advanced radio frequency identification chips in the marketplace, capable of being read by our leading-edge scanners to speed up identification by the police. They remove the need to gain access to the asset to confirm its identity using RFID reading from a distance.
Our own in-house Secure Asset Register is ISO 27001 certified providing a reliable, efficient and secure verification facility.
24/7 access to our own in-house contact centre, which is IS0 9001 Quality Management certified.
Allow an initial validation check to quickly confirm the asset identity, using a simple QR reader easily scanned on a mobile phone.
Using the very latest in tamper evident material, maximising technology used in the aviation industry to add additional overt identification.
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We use 4000 micro-dots to add heavily populated covert markings. Each dot displays either the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or a unique alphanumeric code that is registered to each asset.
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