Gloucestershire Constabulary Chooses VIN CHIP

Gloucestershire Constabulary Chooses VIN CHIP as its Innovation Partner

VIN CHIP has been selected by Gloucestershire Constabulary as an Innovation Partner at their Rural, Wildlife and Heritage Crime Symposium 2023.

The VIN CHIP team made a ground-breaking announcement about their long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capabilities at the event. When scanned the new RFID technology can get accurate readings from an ‘all metal structure’ from up to 30 metres away.

Superintendent Paul Keasey said “One of the key elements of today was getting the collaboration and partnership engagement working with VIN CHIP. We saw several examples of innovation and I can see that making a huge difference moving forward.”

Clive Harris, Head of Development at VIN CHIP said, “Our team has worked extremely hard to develop our own unique software with the technological ability to read RFID chips up to 30 metres away. We are delighted to release this product into the market to support the fight against rural crime and equipment theft. We are very proud to have been chosen by Gloucestershire Constabulary as an innovation partner.”

Paul Keasey continued, “The ability to read protective markings from such a distance will allow officers to work in a safer environment but ultimately it will allow us to capture and arrest criminals preventing them from causing further harm in our local communities. The excitement in the room today was palpable and everyone wants to be part of this journey.”

The ability to scan from a distance with this powerful RFID technology means it is not only safer but more effective and less time consuming for the police to get an identification of stolen assets. It also significantly improves the chances of recovering business critical machinery ensuring reduced disruption to you, your farm, or your business.